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Student's Project, A Can Of Ravioli, Causes 'Suspicious Device' Response On State Street

CHICAGO (CBS) -- State Street was shut down for a brief time at midday on Tuesday for a suspicious device that turned out to be a DePaul student's project. The device was a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli fastened to wheels, that looked similar to skateboard or roller skate wheels.

A police officer who was holding the device in his hands told CBS 2 it was part of a school project. A DePaul spokeswoman said it was a prototype of a car, made by a student in a design class. The student placed the device on State Street to take a photo, she said.

The device also had a small green wire attached to the can.

Police shut down the 200 block of State Street around noon. The street was open by 12:30 p.m.

The Red Line, which runs right underneath State Street was briefly shut down, police said.

Police said they were questioning an individual who they believe was responsible for the device.

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