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String Of Arson Fires Has Lakeview Residents On Edge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Residents of Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood are feeling on edge after a number of arsons there.

There have been at least a half dozen fires set, most of them in alleys next to homes in the neighborhood.

CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports Tomlinson Fort got the news with a knock at his back door.

"They said 'hey your garbage cans on fire.'" Fort said. the blue plastic had completely melted and there was charred paper inside. It didn't occur to me that there was somebody willfully committing crimes, until a few days later," Fort said.

That's when he noticed the damage a few doors down. The garage hit days before is one of at least a half dozen fires set in or near the neighborhood in a matter of weeks.

"Having that happen right next to your place can be pretty nerve wracking," said Lakeview resident Sam Henderson.

The arsons have residents asking who is starting the fires?

"If this is just the beginning of what they want to do, then at what point are they going to be setting those next to flammable buildings and that sort of thing," Tomlinson said.

Alderman Tom Tunney says Chicago Police Bomb and Arson Unit are patrolling the area and urges residents to keep a look out.

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