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Stray bullet damages bathroom in house on Chicago's Northwest Side

Stray bullet hits family's bathroom on Chicago's Northwest Side
Stray bullet hits family's bathroom on Chicago's Northwest Side 01:39

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Jefferson Park neighborhood family was stunned when a relaxing night at home was interrupted by a bullet flying through their bathroom.

The Mecher family was on the main floor of their house when the bullet entered through the second story. They said they are just thankful the bullet didn't hit anyone.

The bullet pierced through the house Thursday night around 11:30 p.m. The force of the bullet shattered the bathroom mirror, and ripped a hole through the medicine cabinet.

Evan Mecher said believes the bullet then ricocheted in the shower.

"The inner part of the bullet fell in the shower, and the outer jacket fell right by the toilet," he said.

Evans' wife, Sheila, said they heard something well before they found the bullet fragments.

"We heard this loud bang, but we didn't know what it was.," said Sheila Mecher. "We thought it was outside, and we didn't think anything of it."

Chicago Police later arrived and took part of the bullet as evidence.

"That's right the side usually I brush my teeth on," said Evan Mecher. "That was like, I could have been in there."

Indeed, the Mechers said they are grateful that nobody was hurt.

"I'm glad it had a good ending where nobody was there and nobody got injured," said Sheila Mecher.

Chicago Police were investigating Friday night, and said it remained unclear from where the bullet was fired.

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