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Stevie Wonder's Comments Spark Conversation About Access For People With Disabilities

(CBS) -- The Grammys served up plenty of fun and laughable moments. But Stevie Wonder's use of humor on a serious topic really got us thinking today.

He ignited a conversation about accessibility for the disabled. CBS 2's Marissa Bailey spoke with one organization that says we have a long way to go.

Victoria Gore has been blind since college and she's the director of an eight-piece band composed of blind people.

"I remember when there was nothing for disabled people," says Gore.

Gore says playing in the band gives her opportunity and hearing Stevie Wonder's comments at the Grammy's "That we need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability" only helps the cause.

"We can't gain employment or leisure whatever we do if we don't have access to certain places," she said.

Greg Polman with lighthouse says while services have come a long way for the blind, there's still a long way to go, including acceptance of service dogs.

"There have been people that are still asked to leave restaurants or not come into a building," Polman said.

Elevators, crosswalks and public transportation have all improved life for all people with disabilities.

Marca Blisto with Access Living says websites and technology need to remember the disabled community from inception.

Stevie Wonder's off-the-cuff comment may have been the boost people with all disabilities need, not just those who are blind.

"Here's this great icon who's been such an important role model for people that you can have your dream and not have it be limited the disability experience," she said.

Gore and Blisto both say people with disabilities still struggle to find jobs, even as unemployment across the country has decreased.

There's also a major push for what's known as "universal design" making software and technology more uniform.

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