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Second Illinois Legislator Fighting Stay-At-Home Order, This Time For All Residents

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Another state legislator is fighting Gov. JB Pritzker's stay-at-home order, and this time it could mean all Illinois residents can leave home.

Monday a judge told downstate Illinois Rep. Darren Bailey he, and he alone, doesn't have to honor the governor's stay-at-home order. Tuesday a representative from Rockford is asking that he and all Illinois residents can be absolved.

The governor called the efforts shameful and reckless.

The same lawyer that scored a win for Bailey is making the pitch for Rep. John Cabello of Rockford. Tuesday the Illinois Attorney General asked an appellate court judge to "reverse and vacate the circuit court's order" that allows Bailey to ignore Gov. Pritzker stay-at-home order.

"This was a cheap political stunt designed so that the representative can see his name in headlines, and unfortunately he has briefly been successful in that most callous of feats," said Pritzker.

CBS2 has learned a little more about Bailey's history. The family farmer and school board member has been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. In an op-ed he said voters of the President "must be his protectors, just as he has been ours."

In just his first term, he has sponsored several controversial pieces of legislation including the Chicago separation house resolution, which would make Chicago the 51st state, and a fetal tissue awareness bill requiring patients be notified if they're being given drugs derived from aborted fetal tissue. He also lead the charge to allow "In God We Trust" to be prominently displayed on school grounds.

These efforts may not be popular in Chicago, but in Clay County where he was elected it's a much different political landscape.

President Trump won with 79% of the vote, and Pritzker garnered only 23% support.

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