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St. Sabina Hosts Gathering, Hopes To Unite Over Trump Admin. Concerns

CHICAGO (CBS) -- People of different faiths and backgrounds gathered under one roof Sunday, on Chicago's South Side, united by their concerns over the Trump Administration.

Father Michael Pfleger and St. Sabina Catholic Church welcomed members of the Muslim community, the Hispanic community, former gang members and others.

"And the opportunity is for people of truth to unite as never before. And I believe the voice that has to do that is the voice of the faith community," Father Pleger said.

Lillian Jimenez, an attorney and advocate for immigration rights, also spoke, saying many Chicagoans are more fearful of being deported.

"And when we start to fight to regain our civil rights, our labor rights, our human rights, then the doors are closed," Jimenez said. "Deportation starts, mass incarnations starts, and criminalization."

Father Michael Pfleger also washed the feet of members of different faiths, a sign of unity and shared humanity.

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