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Squatters finally evicted from South Side home, but owner's troubles aren't over

Squatters evicted from Chatham home after owner fights for months
Squatters evicted from Chatham home after owner fights for months 02:43

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A South Side homeowner has finally gotten some action – after saying she has been trying to get squatters out of her home for nearly a year.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office came knocking with an eviction order on Tuesday.

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar first told you about Darthula Young's story in March. De Mar caught up with Young on Tuesday – as she finally reclaimed her family home after fighting for months.

This is not a totally happy ending. Once Young got inside, she quickly realized property was missing, the home was a mess, and she has been left on the hook for sky-high utility bills.

Armed with a battering ram at the ready, the Cook County Sheriff's Department was at the home near 80th Street and Vernon Avenue in Chatham – to evict the squatters who moved into Young's home.

"There were four squatters still in the building, with two dogs," Young said.

The home once belonged to Young's mom, who died last year.

"Just being able to get into the building was a big accomplishment," Young said.

But once inside, Young quickly realized the condition of the house was not how her mother had left it. There were mattresses on the floor and trash everywhere, and Young said plenty was missing.

Darthula Young

"They stole the refrigerator, air conditioner – a number of other things; all my mother's fine china," Young said. "The apartment is trashed. We've got to really start all over again."

Meanwhile, the sink was filled with water and dirty dishes – which may begin to explain the water bill that ballooned to $3,381.14 in just nine months. Young says the utilities are still in her name – but the city would not shut them off with people living inside.

"It seems like there should be something - there should be some repercussions for Takito Murray," Young said.

Takito Murray is accused of changing the locks on Young – and telling her that he was a professional squatter.

Police reports show that Murray was the victim of a shooting inside the home in September – after he began squatting.

De Mar spoke to Murray on the phone. He claims he moved out in April – and still denies squatting.

"I had rented from one of her family members, and she made it seem like that I was squatting and all that," Murray said. "It wasn't even like that."

De Mar noted to Murray that Young says a lot of her belongings are gone – such as her refrigerator and many of her mother's valuables. De Mar asked if Murray knew anything about that.

"No, I don't know nothing about it," Murray said.

Young did not hesitate to voice her frustration with the situation – and Murray personally.

"They have more rights than owners have," Young said. "I don't think there's anything to say to him, you know? He has shown who he is and what he is."

Young did file a police report with the Chicago Police Department for the property she said was stolen – and for the water bill that her unwanted guests racked up.

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