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Speed Camera To Begin Issuing Warnings To Drivers Tomorrow

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Monday is the first day for Chicago's speed cameras to go into action - and begin issuing warning tickets to drivers.

Near the corner of Foster and Pulaski. That's where the first speed cameras are. And now they will move out of trial mode and into operational mode.

Northwest Side resident Ken Vierneisel says bring 'em on.

Speed Camera To Begin Issuing Warnings To Drivers Tomorrow

"This camera here? I'm gonna love it when it's on," said Vierneisel. "They drive like maniacs around here. And I keep it around 30-35 miles an hour. And they want to run me off the road. You do 30 miles-an-hour and people want to run you off the road."

"So let 'em go ahead and pay the tickets. Hopefully it'll slow 'em down."

But Nat Paxson, who also lives in the Mayfair neighborhood, says, "Frankly, I think it's unconstitutional. I think it's going to be challenged."

At least, he says, the signs about the speed cameras need to be bigger.

Warnings for 30 days. Then actual tickets.

Speed cameras in three other areas of the city are expected to be operating later in the week.

When they're all up and running, there's a potential for generating millions of dollars for City Hall. Mayor Emanuel, however, has insisted it's all about safety.

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