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Source: Police Officer In Trouble Over Lockup Sex Scandal

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago Police officer has been relieved of his powers and is off the streets, amid allegations that he requested sexual favors from someone being held in a district lockup.

As CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports, the Harrison District officer had to turn in his badge and gun as he awaits the outcome of the investigation.

Sources tell CBS 2 the officer was stripped of his police powers after he was accused of assisting someone behind held in the jail at the West Side police station, at 3151 W. Harrison St., in return for sexual favors.

Authorities are investigating whether a male police officer allegedly engaged in oral sex with a transvestite, who had been arrested on prostitution charges, a source tells CBS 2.

It is not clear when the alleged misconduct took place.

Police News Affairs released a statement Friday morning saying: "The allegations are under investigation by the Bureau of Internal Affairs and the Cook County State's Attorney's office. The officer has been identified, and has been relieved of police powers."

The State's Attorney's office confirmed that it is looking into exactly what happened at the Harrison District lockup, but at this point, they say no charges have been filed against the district officer.

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