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Someone You Should Know: Veterans Advocate Catherine Beavers

(CBS) -- Everyone knows that homeless veterans are a real problem in the United Sates, but how many people really do something to help?

CBS 2's Harry Porterfield introduces us to Catherine Beavers, one woman making a real difference.

Beavers is executive director of the Family & Friends Transitional Veterans Home in Joliet. The agency maintains two transitional homes for qualified veterans.

A third residence has just opened but it's unlike the others because it offers affordable permanent housing to veterans who have had problems.

"The difference with this home is we'll be housing veterans who cannot normally get housing through traditional means," Beavers says.

The newly refurbished building provides all the amenities of a home to its residents, including private bedrooms, a complete kitchen, along with an area to accommodate visitors and recreation space.

Beavers used her own resources to make it happen.

Veteran Edward Lorocco is a former  client of the program who supervised the reconditioning of the building.

"She put me back on my feet," he says of Beavers. "I was down and out. I needed a place to live. She did 100 percent for me."

Says Beavers: "These guys are no different than you or I. They're just down on their luck. They just need a little assistance to get back on track."

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