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Someone You Should Know: Tony Blair, Founder Of The Blind Social Center

(CBS) – He saw a problem that needed to be solved and fixed it.

Now, people with visual impairments have a new place to socialize and get support, thanks to Tony Blair.

He's someone you should know, CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports.

Years ago, Blair lost his sight to glaucoma.

After experiences with rehab and vocational programs, he realized the social aspect of being visually impaired was missing.

So, he organized The Blind Social Center.

He describes it as "a warm and open atmosphere for us to come and to be able to relate and share our stories with each other."

The Blind Social Center marked its first year this month. It's located in Gary, Ind.

The youngest member of the organization is 10-year-old Gianna Morales, who is visually impaired. The center helped her borrow an enlarging device that helps her read.

"With this device, she's able to kind of keep up in school now," Blair says.

Cora Robinson, who has been blind since she was 23, is the center's Braille instructor.

"You really need to have a system to communicate, and Braille is that avenue," she says.

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