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Someone You Should Know: Ride Janie Ride Foundation

(CBS) -- From St. Charles to Lockport this Sunday, there will be the roar of hundreds of motorcycles.

Riders won't be out just for fun. They are helping to raise thousands of dollars for a really special cause.

Participants are all someone you should know, CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports.

Eight years ago, a procession of motorcycles gave birth to a tradition that will be celebrated again this weekend.

It marked the beginning of the Ride Janie Ride Foundation and its annual rally to raise money for cancer patients. Today, Janie Bawel's lymphoma is in remission, but in 2005 the Downers Grove resident needed a stem cell transplant.

"I was amazed that they went through all of this for me," she says.

Luke Pennings, a friend of the family, volunteered to be the organizer of the event.

"It was so great to see this woman and her family in a wheelchair, sitting out there, waving with a sign that said, 'We love you from the bottom of our heart,'" he says.

Since the event began, $500,000 has been raised and 19 cancer patients have been the beneficiaries. Three have since passed away. Kayla O'leary will be a recipient of support from this Sunday's outing.

They're expecting up to 700 riders in Sunday's event and they could raise more than $100,000. Click here for more information.


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