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Someone You Should Know: Miniature Artist CoRiccio Baskin

 (CBS) – He's an artist who specializes in the tiniest works of art and loves teaching his skill to others.

CBS 2's Harry Porterfield says CoRiccio Baskin is someone you should know.

While the world around him continues to grow bigger, this artist has found success in making it smaller. The tools of his trade are paper, scissors and glue.

Baskin was 16 when a broken foot kept him from playing basketball, so he began making tiny figures out of paper.

"I started making TV's, VCRs, radios, and it just got more and more intricate as I went along with it," he says. "I told my mother, and she didn't get it at first."

He calls his figures "Lil Thangz." For 20 years, he's worked in the industrial design field making special effects models for, among other media, the movies.

He's also been visiting schools, hospitals, libraries and nursing homes to share with others the secret of how he makes miniatures.

"Most of the students in our building, pre-k through five, have wondered how such a huge guy can make such tiny detailed miniatures," says Shernita Mays, principal of Hoover School.

Baskin never sells his creations.

"It's definitely for the public. I want everybody to get a chance to experience everything," he says.

For more information about Baskin's workshops, click here.

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