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Someone You Should Know: Members Of The West Suburban Home School Band

(CBS) -- They are members of the West Suburban Home School Band. Playing music is an inspiration to them, and also just a way to have fun and make friends.

Ask any member of this band and they will tell you they are home-schooled. Karen Borow, a musician who was home-schooling her kids, came up with idea.

"My husband and I actually met in orchestra, so music is important to us," she says.

Other parents joined in. Now, there are 150 playing in four different bands arranged according to their levels of ability. All of the adults associated with the band effort are volunteers.

"I think people sometimes are a little bit surprised because it's a little bit different than the mainstream, but I think after they hear us they're impressed," Borow says.

There is a marching band, too. Rehearsals take place every Thursday night at the Norris Cultural Arts center in St. Charles. Members say being part of the band is important to them.

There are even adult musicians mixed in with the kids.

"They are parents of the home-schooled children," Borow says. "This is their chance to dust off their horns and play again."

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