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Someone You Should Know: Inventor Aysia Lewis

(CBS) -- It started out as a creative school assignment: Invent something.

One student's idea has now turned into a  thriving business.

Inventor Aysia Lewis is someone you should know, CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports.

It's called an "Erasermitt," and it is designed to make regular black board erasers obsolete.

"My teacher she was always looking for her eraser saying, 'Where's my eraser?'" Lewis says.

So, she invented the Erasermitt when she was in fifth grade. Magnetic material makes it stick to part of the black board.

"I took it to my parents and basically they took it to the world," she says.

Among other customers, some 80 schools have placed orders for the product, which will be delivered complete with the name of the school printed on it.

The Erasermitts are are being assembled by a crew of special-needs students in the After School Matters program at Bogan High School.

Briana Marie Munnich is a crew member.

"It's a great way for me to manufacture something, and it's good experience," she says.

The operation entails the shaping of the replaceable pad and the sewing of the various other parts that make up the mitt.


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