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Someone You Should Know: Child Author I'deyah Ricketts

CHICAGO (CBS) -- I'deyah Ricketts is a published author and believe it or not she's only eight years old. 

Her mission in life is to encourage other children to love reading. CBS 2's Harry Porterfield says she's someone you should know.

I'deyah wrote her first book at age four. Her latest is entitled "Where Are the Animals," 24 published pages of animals in funny places, along with her descriptions. That and a companion coloring book are now on sale.

Able to read and write before pre-kindergarten, I'deyah is a student in a public school gifted and enriched academic program. Her father Mike says she started reading the first day home from the hospital.

"I held I'deyah in one arm and I picked up a children's picture book, and I read to her," he said. "Every word that I read to her she followed, and I was amazed."

In appearances before groups at schools, churches and libraries, the young author stresses the importance of reading.

Thus far she has written three books. Of the two unpublished books, one is about a tree on which books are growing, and the other is a 100-page guide on how to teach reading.

"I want to inspire them to read and (know) that anything is possible if they know how to read and write," I'deyah said after a recent presentation before grade school students.

I'deyah dreams of being a teacher and a doctor.

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