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Someone You Should Know: Bird Sculptor Rob Fulton

(CBS) -- He's found something he loves to do, and what he creates is fantastic.

Rob Fulton is someone you should know, CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports.

An electric chisel grinding on a piece of wood isn't exactly lyrical, but to Fulton's ear, it is the sound of music.

"When I'm done with a project, I want somebody to look at it and say, 'Hey, are you holding a real bird?' That would make everything come true," he says of his sculptures.

His first project, from nine years ago, was a figure of an American kestrel. Everything is wood, from the animal to the stump he's perched upon to the mushroom next to it.

"You can even see the footprints of the mouse trying to get away from the kestrel," he says.

Now he's working on a full-sized bald eagle.

For his full-time work, Fulton travels the country installing milling machines.

"I can' tell you how many times I come out into the garage and I sit down and I grab a piece of wood,  and I start trimming away on it," he says. "The joy you get from doing it, you just can't describe it."


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