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Some People You Should Know: Kando Bakery

(CBS) –- They're looking for somewhere to go and something to do. Believe it or not, granola bars could be the answer to their dreams.

CBS 2's Harry Porterfield reports the folks at Kando Bakery are all someone you should know.

It's the beginning of a business. It has a product -- granola bars -- and it has employees. But it doesn't have a location -- yet.

When it does, you will see a sign that reads Kando Bakery. Special education teacher Valerie Peterson, the mother of a 21-year-old severely autistic son, is a co-founder.

"We've been researching now before he turns 22 what kind of programs were available. Shockingly enough, the day he turns 22 he would be sitting at home," she says.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, Kando employees get together at the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Center in Crystal Lake to label the product.

The granola bars are prepared in a commercial bakery in Elgin by Peterson and co-founder Elena Nulle, who began this project just last October. Already they are producing 800 a week.

"It's what we love to do, and it's our mission and hopefully we'll get our vision, which is having a place, a place where they can come," Nulle says.

Brenna Lindquist enjoys working with the operation.

"I think it's a very fun program that we do and I think it's really awesome they give us people with disabilities a chance," she says.

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