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Some Musicians You Should Know: The Bar Association Orchestra

CHICAGO (CBS) -- By day, they practice law. But they have another identity as musicians. They are the members of the Chicago Bar Association Orchestra.

CBS 2's Harry Porterfield says every one of these music lovers is someone you should know.

The orchestra and a chorus are composed of mostly lawyers. The group is celebrating its 25th year with a performance Sunday June 5 at Orchestra Hall.

"There's something in the air in that building of great music that needs to be honored and respected," music director David Katz says. "That's something of what I'm going to be feeling."

The singers and the instrumentalists will be performing "Carmina Burana."

Federal Judge Blanche Manning, who plays saxophone, is excited about the upcoming concert.

"To appear with the orchestra in a place such as Orchestra Hall, where I go often but have never had the opportunity to appear and perform, I'm thrilled," she says.

"We're very excited that we get to celebrate our 25th anniversary as an orchestra in this way," violinist Sara Su Jones, an attorney, says. "It's a really special opportunity for us to show ourselves and show everyone who's listening how far we've come."

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