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'Slippery And Scary'; Slick Conditions Coat Illinois Roadways On New Year's Day

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Driver after driver were seen stuck in ditches, because of slick road conditions.

One SUVs ended up hundreds of feet from the highway in New Lenox. CBS 2's Marissa Parra reports from Tinley Park.

In total CBS 2 spotted about five cars stranded on the side of I-80 as the icy mix kept the roads slick. Also spotted were a number of IDOT salt trucks and snow plows hitting the road.

But if there was a day to have slick roads, New Year's Day is probably a convenient one, because there weren't a lot of people on the highways. CBS 2 traveled through Joliet and even through some neighborhoods and had a hard time finding anyone outside.

At a Tinley Park gas station, one woman dressed head to toe for the weather she thought she was ready for a drive with her sister, until her car started sliding. She headed straight home.

"Slippery and scary. I probably shouldn't have come out but my sister pleaded me to come out and we've been sliding. And then I found out my tires are not what they're supposed to be for this type of weather," said Andrea Thames from Country Club Hills.

If you have to leave, be careful because if it's not icy where you are and it's slushy and rainy, temps are going to drop and that may produce some hidden black ice.

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