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Slain Retired State Trooper's Loved Ones Mourn After Lisle Cigar Lounge Shooting

LISLE, Ill. (CBS) -- There was a growing expression of grief Sunday outside a suburban cigar lounge turned crime scene.

On Friday night, a woman shot one retired Illinois State Trooper and one active state police officer at the Humidor Cigar Lounge in Lisle, and then shot and killed herself.

As CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reported, the cigar lounge was set to reopen on Monday, after having been closed since the shooting.

Few have been in and out since the cigar lounge became a crime scene, with the exception of investigators.

Illinois State Police said one of the retired troopers, Gregory Rieves, 51, was killed when he was shot in the head. The current trooper, Kaiton Bullock, 48, and the third man, retired special agent trooper, Lloyd Graham, 55, were hurt after a woman fired shots inside a lounge and then killed herself.

Police identified the woman as Lisa V. McMullan of Hyde Park. Police found no criminal record in McMullan's past. She also held a firearm's owners ID and a concealed carry permit, police said.

Lisa McMullan
Lisa McMullan

Two days after the shooting, abandoned half-smoked cigars remained outside the lounge. Also outside were bouquets of flowers, and a message for a customer who was inside on Friday.

Above the bouquets, on a red marquee, were the words, "May you rest in peace Greg."

"I think if I was to summarize his life, I would say he lived with a smile. When you see Greg, you know you'll see dimples, and smile all the time," said a cousin of Rieves'. "And he lived his life to the fullest."

Rieves Trooper Car
Gregory Rieves

Rieves' cousin described his dedication to law enforcement. He retired in March after a quarter century on the job.

Investigators said surveillance from the business showed several people watching TV when a woman got up and fired seven shots before turning the gun on herself. Police later identified the woman as McMullan.

Investigators said McMullan and Rieves have visited the cigar lounge in the past, but have not determined if their relationship was one of more than just acquaintanceship.

The shooting left two dead and two victims injured, and at least one family in mourning.

"Absolutely one of the best people I've known in my life, and not because my cousin," said Rieves' cousin, John Williams. "I mean, he was just special."

Family members said Rieves leaves behind a son.

State Police said Sunday evening that Bullock and Graham were recovering and their conditions remained stable.

Investigators plan to interview those surviving two victims as early as Monday to try to determine what triggered the gun violence.

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