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Sista Afya hosting 'Caring For Her' event - focusing on mental health of Black women and girls

Caring For Her: Focusing on mental health of Black women and girls
Caring For Her: Focusing on mental health of Black women and girls 04:36

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Women are at least twice as likely as men to experience major depression and Black women are half as likely to seek help. That's according to research from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

One Chicago non-profit is working to combat that disparity and they're hosting an event Thursday focused on the mental health and well-being of Black women and girls.

Sista Afya Community Care founder Camesha Jones says Thursday's Caring For Her event is part of a larger mission.

"Caring For Her will focus on the state of Black women and girls' mental health in Chicago. Black women and girls are often an ignored population or just a population people don't always think about when we talk about mental health care."

The organization's name carries a meaning in connection to its mission.

Sista, a word of connection and endearment in the Black community, and Afya, a Swahili word that means wellness and free from psychological and physical illness, together symbolize her vision for Black women to be connected and free from psychological and physical illness.

Jones, who is also a mental health survivor, says Thursday's event will feature leaders and advocates from around the city who's been dedicated to supporting mental health. In addition, her organization provides various services to help those in need.

"We provide individual therapy, workshops, groups, Wellness classes, and retreats. We also train people to be mental health first-aid responders. All of our services are free because we believe that mental health care should be available, accessible, and achievable for any woman that needs it," Jones said.

Thursday's free event is sold out, but donations to Sista Afya are accepted. To donate, visit the organization's Eventbrite page

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