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Cook Country Sheriff Wants 'Ghost Guns' Taken Off The Streets

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Cook County sheriff is pushing to get these so-called ghost guns off the streets.

County and state leaders want to ban ghost guns - homemade firearms that do not have serial numbers and cannot be traced.

The kits to make them don't require background checks which lets anyone buy them.

On Thursday, the Cook County sheriff and Illinois state Sen. Jacqueline Collins introduced a new bill making it illegal to own or sell these types of weapons. They're looking to get the bill passed quickly.

Sheriff Tom Dart showed off one of the ghost guns saying the number of them on the streets keeps going up.

"But the notion that somehow we need to have guns like this that have no markings on them; no serial numbers, no bill that need to be traced is absurd. And the last thing we need in our community right now is, not just more guns, but guns that can't be traced," Dart said.

Dart says this bill will follow others in place already across the country.

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