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Shelter Shutdown After CBS 2 Exposed Filthy Conditions

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Shelter Shutdown.

CBS 2 exposed disgusting and dangerous conditions at a Chicago homeless shelter last month. Now, the city has moved everyone out for their own safety.

CBS 2's Lauren Victory is always investigating.

Locked out of heaven. "A Little Bit Of Heaven" that is. The emergency men's shelter on 113th and Wentworth is ordered closed until further notice.

And Roseland resident Elaine Sharp said she's sick about it.

"We got a real system here that works," Sharp said. "But this one is the one that housed the people, so when y'all shut this down, where are they gonna go? That was my question. Where they gonna go?"

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, or DFSS, made the temporary shutdown official Friday morning, even though CBS 2 alerted the city to unsanitary conditions weeks ago.

Bedbugs, bloody sheets, decrepit bathrooms and disintegrating walls.

Despite a $452,000 city contract, DFSS said it's investigating all those allegations and moved everyone out until further notice.

"It's everything I wanted to happen plus some," said former security manager Terry Hardy. "This is a good first step."

Hardy shared his photos with CBS 2.

"I served here as chief of security and the security of the facility is one thing, but the security of the people is another thing," Hardy said.

DFSS transferred four men to other shelters with available beds, but a spokesperson refused to tell CBS 2 which locations.

Sharp heard they're now on the West Side.

"You send a whole new population over there," Sharp said. "I mean that's trauma. That's stress. That's a whole lot of mess."

Hardy said his friend landed at a shelter in Pilsen and sees things differently.

"It appears that they're relieved, they're happy," Hardy said. "They realize that this might be a blessing."

CBS 2 rang the bell and knocked on the door of A Little Bit of Heaven with no luck. The woman who answered the phone had nothing say about the city's decision.


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