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Durbin Said Comey Wins The Battle Of Trustworthiness Against President Trump

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Illinois' senior U.S. senator said Thursday's testimony by former FBI director James Comey was one bad day for President Trump.

Senator Dick Durbin said it was not only a terrible day for President Trump, but for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who Comey appeared not to trust with information.

Durbin said, "the bottom line is no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States," and that, "Any effort to stop or change a criminal investigation is serious business and, I think what Jim Comey did was make that very clear yesterday."

On U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan excusing some of the things James Comey accused the President of, by saying the President is not steeped in the ways of Washington, Senator Durbin said, "he'll come to regret that statement."

Between President Trump and Jim Comey, Senator Durbin said Comey wins the battle of trustworthiness.

On Comey coming out and boldly saying President Trump lied about him and the FBI, Durbin said "if the evidence was not so obvious, I would be shocked."

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