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Seeding Is Where Selection Committee Needs Help

The NCAA Championship game on Monday night was supposed to be the culmination of a tournament filled with upsets and buzz beaters.

But instead it was an ugly game that shed light on the fact that there are some major deficiencies in the selection process that need to be fixed. And the solution, according to one, isn't too difficult.

"Rectify it by paying some attention," Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy said on the Danny Mac Show. "For goodness sakes, you talk about the idea that we're going to name Ohio State the number one overall seed, great honor."

The Buckeyes were given the top seed in the entire tournament, but also were given one of the toughest roads to the championship.

"They stack up all the pros that Kentucky has, and all the pros that Carolina has, in Ohio State's region," DeCourcy said. "And that's what knocks out your number one seed."

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And it's not just the top teams in the tournament that get the bracket stacked agaisnt them with their seeding, the mid-majors don't get a fair shake either.

"They do a lousy job with seeding," DeCourcy said. "For one, they have a bias. They can say they don't have a bias, but it's nonsense. The best mid-major teams always get seeded lower than their metric should suggest, because they're mid-majors. If you're Butler last year, which was good enough to make the championship game, they seeded them five. You look at George Mason or Old Dominion this year, seeded in the eight or nine range. They do a lousy job with that, and I've said it for years.

"They don't pay any attention to excellence and performance, they pay all the attention to what conference you're in...Frankly, [the conference] is not what it's all about. The Big East was very deep conference, but they weren't an overly skilled conference this year. Connecticut was the one team in the league that had the level of pros that you need to win and go deep in this deal."

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