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Caught On Video: Man Sucker Punches Security Guard In The Face

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A violent attack in the River North neighborhood was caught on camera early Sunday, when a man punched a security guard in the face outside a condo building.

The incident happened around 2 a.m. Sunday outside the 630 North Franklin condos.

Security guard Zoa Stigler said she was trying to help a man who was obviously drunk and passed out near the building's front door. She said the man had vomited on the sidewalk, so she had brought out a mop and bucket to clean it up, and even offered to call for help.

"If you need me to call the ambulance or 911, I can do that, but you can't lay right here," Stigler recalled telling the man.

Stigler, 46, said she threatened to call police when he wouldn't move. A short time later, some of his friends showed up, and he started to leave, but then threw a water bottle at her, and then sucker punched her in the face.

"By him hitting me so hard, he fractured a bone underneath my eye. I may have to have surgery," she said. "He broke a bone in my nose, right over my bridge. I have numbness on the left side. So I really can't feel above my lip."

A security guard for five years, Stigler said she normally carries mace, but forgot it that night. However, as the punch came out of nowhere, she likely wouldn't have had time to use it.

Double vision prevented Stigler from tracking down her attacker after he punched her, turned his back, and casually walked away. Condo board management hoped recently installed surveillance cameras would help identify him.

Puncher Surveillance
Surveillance images of a man who punched a security guard in the face outside the 630 North Franklin condo building on May 14, 2017. (Surveillance video supplied to CBS)

"The fact that she was able to stand ground just shows the character and how strong of a woman Zoa is. That's why I'm hoping that somebody basically turns him in," condo association president Asad Khan said.

Stigler said her attacker should be ashamed of himself.

"How can you hit a human being? Not alone that I'm a woman, but the fact that I am a human being and you punched me in my face like it meant nothing," she said.

Stigler said she's not sure how soon or even if she'll be able to return to work.

Chicago police said the man in the video is listed as a suspect in an assault investigation. If anyone knows who he is, they should contact Chicago police.

The condo association has started a GoFundMe page to help Stigler pay her medical expenses.

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