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Scott Boras On Jay Z: 'When Your Agent Wears A Yankee Hat, How Seriously Are They Going To Take You?'

(CBS) Famed rapper-turned-sports-agent Jay Z took a very public, direct shot at longtime sports agent Scott Boras.

"Scott Boras, you over baby," wrote Jay Z in a song off his new album. "Robinson Cano, you coming with me."

The line, of course, points to the decision by the Yankees second baseman to ditch the services of Boras - who represents more than 75 clients in Major League Baseball, brokering more than $5 billion in contacts - to become the first baseball player under Jay Z's newly-found sports agency group, Roc Nation Sports.

Boras, who is feared by team owners and hated by other agents for his tenacious, aggressive style, doesn't seem too worried with Jay Z's attempt to dethrone him as King of the Sports Agents.

"I don't worry about others, because you know what, in the end, as always, there are few survivors in (the agency) game," Boras said. "This game is something that when you come, and you look, and you don't see—when you don't see, you're not here long.

"When your agent wears a Yankee hat," he said, "how seriously are they going to take you?"

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