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Scientists Band Four Peregrine Falcons At Evanston Public Library

EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) -- Dozens of Evanston residents gathered Wednesday at the South branch of the Public Library to watch scientists band and name four baby falcons.

Peregrine falcons have been nesting right outside the library for the last 12 years.

Once an endangered species, the birds of prey are now thriving in cities.


"They came here on their own," said Mary Hennen, head of the Peregrine Program at the Field Museum. "They were originally cliff-dwelling birds and they are using the cities like a pseudo-cliff."

Hennen says they determine gender based on the size of the bird, but it's not always accurate.

She says they found three males and 1 female in the nest.

The birds names were chosen from suggestions sent in by the public and include Deedee, Xemxija and Shomigomy. The 4th bird was named Gigi after librarian Gigi Galich who was killed in a bike accident outside the building last year.

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