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Schuster: The Bears Blew This One In So Many Ways

By David Schuster-

DENVER (WSCR) It's truly amazing how there is always two sides to a story. Out here in Denver the talk continues of "Tebowmania". Meanwhile, back in Chicago, the talk is pretty simple: The Bears blew this one BIG TIME.

After being tortured through a horrendous and scoreless first half, the Bears finally got on the board with their first touchdown in over 100 minutes when Marion Barber scored from nine yards out. Then, following a Robbie Gold franchise record 57-yard field goal early in the 4th quarter, the Bears had what looked to be an insurmountable 10-0 advantage. That lead held up until Tim Tebow did what he has been doing for the last 2 months. He led the Broncos on a seven-play 63-yard drive into the end zone. And then with just 53 seconds left he led them down the field for a game-tying field goal sending the contest into overtime.

Up until the 4th quarter Tebow had a QB rating of just 13.5, which is pitiful. So should we give him credit for improving his play with the game on the line? Well we could but I prefer to say the Bears handed this game away. Lovie Smith said his troops played their traditional defense (Cover 2) down the stretch.  But cover 1, 2, 3, or 300, why were his defensive backs allowing Denver's wide receivers to run down the field 10-15 yards unchecked and catch the ball? Did the Bears not realize on Denver's tying drive that field goals up to 70 yards were a possibility in this stadium? I guess not. Call it what you want but the Bears didn't pressure Tebow enough and he played catch with his receivers until they got into field goal territory.

Of course you can't forget about Marion Barber's pair of boo-boos. One was physical (allowable) and one mental (not allowable...EVER). When the Bears had a chance to ice the game in the final seconds of regulation, Barber inexplicably ran out of bounds stopping the clock. Denver was already out of time outs and any grade-schooler knows you stay in bounds and keep the clock running. But nooooooooo, it brain cramp time as Barber ran out of bounds giving Tebow and the Broncos the time to tie the game. Then, as karma would have it, Barber fumbled the ball in overtime and four minutes later this ball game was over.

What did Barber have to say after the game? Who the heck knows because he was no where to be seen. But that was expected since he doesn't even talk after wins.

The rest of the team sung the praises of Barber who had 108 yards on 27 carries but it was two of his final rushing attempts that were fatal as the Bears lost their thid straight game and are now outside looking in at the playoffs. Detroit and Atlanta now have one game leads over the Bears.

Mike Ditka once was famously quoted as saying,"We might not win another game this season". Well you can pull that quote out of the mothballs because it's true... they might not.

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