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Schuster: Bears Eliminated And Need Help For Next Year

By David Schuster-

GREEN BAY (CBS) The scene in the locker room after the game here at Lambeau Field wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. I anticipated a lot of long faces and angry scowls on the Bears players' faces but instead was met with resignation.

Almost to a man this team knew they weren't going to beat the Packers and thus they would be eliminated from playoff contention.

Actually most of the comments (after initially talking about elimination) was the feeling that with better health they can get right back into the playoffs next year. Well I'm here to throw water on that argument.

Probably with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte not going down,  the Bears would have been one of the two wild card teams in the NFC. But don't kid yourself, they would have been lucky to win a playoff game on the road. Simply put, they are not one of the elite teams in the league.

The Bears have more holes then swiss cheese. The list is almost endless but here goes: They need at least two new offensive lineman, at least one wide receiver (and a No .11 guy at that), at least one safety, one new cornerback, help on the defensive line and a tight end who makes a difference.

Other than that they are fine.

The bigger question will be what happens at the top. Is it finally time for a change at the general manager position? Or how about a new head coach or two new coordinators?

Sorry all you players in the locker room. Your faith and hope is misguided. This team is miles away from competing with the cream of the crop and until changes are made it will stay that way.

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