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Schaumburg Police Officer Buys Homeless Man Meal At Taco Bell

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A northwest suburban fast food manager's video of a police officer performing an act of kindness has already been seen tens of thousands of times.

Jetha Fuller is manager of a Taco Bell in Schaumburg. Last week, she says she saw police responding across the street, apparently to deal with a homeless man she had seen before.

She says that, instead of police taking the man away in a squad car, one of the officers -- later identified as Officer Eric Roskens -- walked the man across the street to the Taco Bell and bought the man a meal.

When she learned what the officer had planned to do, Fuller said she asked if she could video it and post it to Facebook to counter some of the negative publicity police have received in the past couple of years.

Fuller's 64 second video has more than 65,000 views and 468 shares by early Tuesday afternoon.

The Taco Bell manager posted the video with the following caption: "There are good kindhearted police officer still out here. I work in Schaumburg and this took place today.
Black lives does matter to some people."

Fuller says that, behind Officer Rosken's badge is "a heart of gold."

She said the veteran police officer's action "brought me to tears because I thought it was a good gesture." Fuller says that "instead of harassing" the homeless man, Officer Roskens "asked him what his issues were" and fed him.

The Schaumburg police department said Officer Rosken's act of kindness sets a good example for other officers.

Sgt. Christie Lindhurst added that Officer Roskens' act of kindness is not uncommon among Schaumburg officers.

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