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Scammers Hustle Way Into 93-Year-Old Steger Woman's House, But Her Son Is Watching It All On Camera

STEGER, Ill. (CBS) -- Scammers hustled their way into an elderly woman's far south suburban home – but they did not expect her son was watching it all go down on a home security camera.

As CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reported Wednesday night, the son has issued a warning to everyone to stay safe.

Video shows Gloria – who lives in Steger and asked us not to use her actual – as she is about to get scammed.

"My privacy was violated," she told De Mar.

A scammer asks Gloria if she lives alone and if her kids come over, and then offers to cut down a tree. It's all a ruse.

"Times are changing. We are going to have a lot of that," Gloria said. "People are out of work looking for work. They're looking for money."

As the first man engages her, another man in a white long-sleeve shirt carefully enters the home. He peeks around the corner as a third person follows.

They all communicate through walkie talkies.

"He was like played like a playbook, how he did it," said Gloria's son, whom we're calling Bill. "This ain't the first time that the did that."

Bill, who lives nearby, was keeping a watch on his mom through the Ring doorbell.

Video shows the first scammer telling Gloria, "You don't look that old," when she points out she's 93.

"I know!" Gloria replies in the video. "I don't want to get old."

The distraction is on as Gloria chats with the first man. She has no idea the other two men are ripping through her belongings.

But the scam hits a snag. The scammer with Gloria spots Bill pulling up in the driveway

He was watching the video from home and raced over.

"Ninety-three-year-old woman – you know? I mean, come on," Bill said. "What kind of person could do that to someone."

As Bill is spotted, the message is sent that the heist is a bust, and the other two slip out a side door undetected. Meanwhile, Bill busts in and tells his mother, "That guy was a scam."

"You shouldn't be doing it, you know? It's just not right," Bill said. "I mean, how would you feel if I did that to your mother?"

And Gloria might be 93, but she has is still got some fight - sending this message to the men off camera.

"I'll kick him in the butt," Gloria said.

"OK, you'll kick him in the butt," Bill said. "I love it, Ma."

Gloria was unharmed in the incident, but checks and other personal belongings were taken from the home.

Steger police are investigating. They said as of Wednesday, the incident appeared to be isolated, but anyone who recognizes the men or their voices is asked to call police.

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