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Sam Hurd Smoked Pot 'All Day, Every Day' During NFL Career

(CBS) Disgraced former Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd made a startling confession in this week's issue of SI's MMQB.

Speaking with Michael McKnight, Hurd said that he smoked weed "all day, every day and I didn't want to hear anyone trying to tell me I had a problem."

Hurd is currently facing a life sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to traffic narcotics. His six-year NFL career came to an abrupt end when he was arrested in December of 2011 in Chicago. Hurd was arrested by FBI agents, whom he thought were Mexican drug dealers.

The NFL routinely tests its players for marijuana usage, but Hurd said players know approximately when they'll be tested, so they simply stop using before the test and then start back up after the test is passed.

Hurd explained that during his time with the Cowboys, he distributed weed to 20 or 25 teammates.

"Whatever was considered the loudest weed in California—I wanted a notch above that," Hurd said. "I had educated myself on different strains and potencies and growing techniques. I was very selective. It was like wine."

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