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Saint Sabina Plans To Withhold Monthly Assessments From Archdiocese Of Chicago Until Conclusion Of Investigation On Father Michael Pfleger

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Leadership at Saint Sabina Church announced Sunday that the church will withhold its monthly assessments of the church and school to the Archdiocese of Chicago starting in March.

They say it is part of the church's "continued effort to get the Archdiocese of Chicago to swiftly conclude its investigation into the allegations against Fr. Pfleger."

Father Michael Pfleger was removed from St. Sabina's parish, pending an investigation into allegations of past sexual abuse. Both of Pfleger's accusers – two brothers – shared their story exclusively with CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov. They told her they could no longer keep their secret.

The brothers say they were each around 12 or 13 when the sexual abuse started 40 years ago. Both said Pfleger's prominent standing in his community kept them speaking out until now.

Pfleger's attorney vehemently denies the brothers' abuse allegations, but they say it happened.

Supporters have since rallied behind Pfleger, saying his character has never been questioned before. The two brothers have also been accused of lying for financial gain. But they say their main motivation for coming forward is not money but telling the truth. Pfleger's attorneys point to a letter the younger brother sent Pflelger asking for $20,000. The younger brother said he thought he'd use payment as an admission of guilt.

The assessments Saint Sabina plans to withhold total about $100,000 per month, the church said in a statement. The church also noted that the funds will not be used but will be set aside to be paid at the conclusion of the investigation.

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