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Running For Romeoville Mayor, Steve McMichael Hit With Campaign Complaint

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Former Chicago Bear Steve McMichael, a candidate for mayor of Romeoville, has been hit with a complaint alleging campaign disclosure violations.

The complaint, filed by Romeoville Trustee Ken Griffin – an ally of the current mayor, John Noak – accuses McMichael's campaign of violating a number of rules, including missing deadlines and failing to identify who paid for campaign mailings.

Asked if politics was behind the complaint, McMichael said, "Oh, definitely. Why wouldn't it be?"

McMichael Hit With Election Complaint

But Griffin denied politics played a role in the filing of the complaint. He said every candidate has to follow the rules in an election.

"He needs to understand what the rules are, and play by the rules. I mean, he's a professional sports guy. The NFL has rules. The state has rules with how you run an election and I want to make sure that he follows the rules," Griffin said.

There are typically civil penalties for candidates who have been found to violate campaign disclosure rules.

McMichael said the complaint won't deter him, saying, "I'm an American, not an American't."

Late last month, McMichael was pulled off the air at ESPN Radio after Romeoville mayor John Noak sent the station a letter demanding equal time.

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