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Rumor: Sandusky 'Pimped Out Young Boys To Rich Donors'

(WSCR) As if the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse allegations couldn't get any worse, they potentially just took a devastating turn.

Sportswriter Mark Madden of 105.9 The X in Pittsburgh joined The Mully and Hanley Show on Thursday and claimed that Sandusky had pimped out young boys from his charity to rich donors.

"It's going to get worse before it gets better," Madden said. "The one thing I hear is being investigated right now, and I hasten to add this as only a rumor, but I know of at least two prominent columnists who are investigating the story, is that The Second Mile, and there's no nice way to say this, pimped out young boys to wealthy donors."

LISTEN: Mark Madden on The Mully and Hanley Show


It should be stressed that this is just a rumor, but Madden does have credibility on the subject. He first exposed the Sandusky investigation last April in the Beaver County Times and essentially nailed the alleged cover-up revealed in the grand jury report released last Saturday. But again, remember, this is simply a rumor at this point.

Madden also said that the reason Sandusky was forced out of Penn State in 1999 was to hide the sexual abuse scandals.

"My theory is that when Sandusky retired, far too young at 55, and never got another coaching job, which means a lot of people had passing knowledge of this. I mean think about it, [he was] never even contacted about another coaching job, although I think Virginia at one point might have talked to Sandusky. Here's a guy who was a so-called coaching legend who retired at 55 and was allowed to retire at 55, so I think he retired, again my theory, he retired in exchange for silence. Penn State said, 'We know about this, we gotta get you out of here. Stay away, we'll cover for you.' And if you look at the timeline of everything, that makes sense, except Sandusky didn't live up to his part of the bargain because he stuck around Penn State," he said.

Madden also said he doesn't believe charges will or should be brought against Paterno, but that it is possible he could be facing penalties of a civil suit.

"There's no such thing as 'should he' with prosecuting. He's either criminally responsible or he isn't. Everything I've read leads me to believe no. Could he be hit up for a lot of bucks in a civil suit? Yes, and I'm sure he will be," he said.

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