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With Help Of Nearby Jiffy Lube, Animal Control Officer Gets Her Goat

ROMEOVILLE (CBS) – This is a story about how one girl got her goat.

Specifically, it was a baby Pygmy goat, wandering down a very busy Route 53 in Romeoville, before it was caught by Animal Control officer Mary Ann Helton.


Romeoville Goat
This baby goat was corralled in a Jiffy Lube in Romeoville. (CBS)

"He was just running! He was nervous. You could tell," Helton told CBS 2's Suzanne LeMignot.

Helton enlisted the help of workers at the nearby Jiffy Lube to corral the goat in the service bay.

"I got him into the Jiffy Lube and I was hollering at all the workers, 'Hey, close the doors! Close these garage doors!' "

Then, she was able to toss a lasso around the little guy.

"Then, I had me a baby Pygmy goat! It's just as simple as that!"

Jiffy Lube manager James Betschel, questioned his eyesight for a moment.

"I see this little critter walking past and I realize, 'Is that a goat?' said Betschel. "I scratch my head, 'cause I'm confused, 'cause I'm like, "What is a goat doing walking on the side of the road?'"

Helton says they've checked with every area farm and no one is missing a goat. They have had several calls from people, wanting to adopt him.



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