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Rogers Park Cyclist Riding To Boston To Promote Exercise

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Rogers Park man was entering the fourth day of a bike ride to Boston, in an attempt to motivate others to exercise.

Tommy Schneider has been holding camps and clinics in and around Chicago for years, in an effort to get kids more active. Now he's taken his quest on the road.

"I feel like, if people knew how to take care of themselves better, then we'd be much better off, and we wouldn't have the figures for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as high as they are," he said.

Schneider runs TRUE Fit - or The Resourceful Use of Exercise.

He embarked on the roughly 1,100-mile bike ride Monday before dawn from Wrigley Field. As of Wednesday afternoon, he had already ridden 300 miles, and made it through Indiana and most of Ohio.

"I feel great," he said.


Schneider said he's had to dodge some rain, and has a little pain in one of his toes, but is pretty happy with his progress.

"I'm staying off the interstates, but there's not a lot of bike trails, so … when a semi drives by, it gives me a little boost," he said.

Schneider estimated he'll arrive in his native Boston suburb of Rockland on Aug. 19.

He's posting updates on Twitter @TRUEFitTeam.

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