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Robert Quinn Is First Bears Player Named NFC Defensive Player Of The Month Since 2018

CHICAGO (CBS) – Robert Quinn was named NFC defensive player of the month for November, the first Bears defender to get the honor since Eddie Jackson in 2018. But if you know Quinn's personality, you know he wasn't exactly jumping for joy celebrating.

"It's nice to be I guess recognized. I mean,  I was just telling someone else, 'it's good to have this month. Let's see if I can have people say the same thing next month.' It's all about consistency. If I go cold the rest of the year, I'm sure you'll forget about this month," he said.

Quinn's bounce-back season has been amazing, from just two sacks all of last year, to 11 in 10 games this season. What's also been impressive, his willingness to learn new things in his 11th year in the NFL.

"A lot of times different, based on the personality of the guys, they can get stuck in some ways but he's excelling in everything we're trying to teach him. And he's really taken, uh, taken it upon himself to keep improving in different techniques that sometimes he may not have done earlier in his career," said Defensive Coordinator Sean Desai

"Dropping in coverage. This best defense you learn some new things, so covering receivers, or tight ends, or running backs -- what we have to do sometimes," Quinn said.

Quinn says he learned you need to look at his teammates as brothers, not just teammates. when you see them as family, you'll do whatever it takes to make sure they're successful.


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