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Officer Named In Fatal Police Shooting Of Security Guard At Robbins Club Was Trained For Active Shooters

CHICAGO (CBS) -- More than two months after the death of a Robbins security guard at the hands of a Midlothian police officer, the officer is being identified through a federal court filing.

Officer Ian Covey was specifically trained to respond to active shooter situations like the one at Manny's Blue Room, the bar where the shooting happened.

Within hours of the filing, Midlothian police finally confirmed that the officer at the center of the mistaken identity shooting was Covey, who's been on paid administrative leave since Nov. 11, when he allegedly shot and killed 26-year-old Jemel Roberson, who was working security at the time and protecting patrons at Manny's Blue Room when he was mistaken for the suspect.

Jemel Roberson
(Credit CBS)

CBS 2 requested Covey's personnel records days after the shooting but was denied until now.

The attorney for Roberson's mother had been denied as well.

"When you say nothing, it's like, OK, a young man lost his life and no one wants to tell us anything?" attorney Gregory Kulis said.

It was Kulis' court filing that published the name after multiple protests calling for it.

When asked if holding back the name exacerbated tensions, Kulis said he believes it did.

"I think for sure it did. I think there were so many people that were so upset about the facts that occurred that people just got more angry," he said.

Covey had little to hide from his records with Midlothian. He was cited for underage drinking at 18, and was given supervision for criminal trespassing at 19. He was hired in 2015, and completed more than a dozen certifications as an officer, including one from the Department of Homeland Security.

A transcript of the course shows he would have been trained to identify the area in which the last shots were heard and "stop" the active shooter as soon as possible, which includes shouting orders.

The course does not, however, discuss identifying who the actual shooter is in the first place -- the fatal error in this case that led to the death of a "brave man" according to Midlothian's police chief.

CBS 2 went in person to see if Officer Covey or Midlothian's Chief would comment, but they declined.

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