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Robbie Gould Backs Jay Cutler, Opens Up About Bears' Dysfunction Under Trestman

(CBS) In one of the most revealing, honest takes a Bears player has given on the record in regards to a seemingly lame-duck coaching staff, Chicago veteran kicker Robbie Gould admitted he has no idea what message coach Marc Trestman's been trying to send with the benching of big-money quarterback Jay Cutler.

Jimmy Clausen got his first start since 2010 on Sunday as the Bears dropped to 5-10 with a 20-14 loss to the Lions.

"I honestly don't even know what the message is, to be honest with you," Gould said in an interview on the Spiegel and Mannelly Show on Monday morning. "I just think it's been a long season. (Trestman started Clausen) to provide a spark for the team, is what he told us, and I wish Jay was out there playing.

"(Trestman) did address the team the next day and talked about what happened. He made a decision that he thought was best for the team. And listen, we lost again. That's the bottom line. We're in the business of winning football games and production, and we got to produce, and we got to win.

"I feel really bad for Jay. When you're having a tough season like this, he's not the guy to be the scapegoat or the guy to blame. There's a lot of guys you can put that blame on.

"You could bench the whole team. It's not like anybody's really played fantastic or great. We're 5-10 now. It's not like Jay's the problem. Jay's not the issue.

"In my opinion, it's tough to see because I think Jay's a great quarterback. I hope he's back next year for us."

Listen: Gould's full interview on the Spiegel and Mannelly Show

Gould didn't directly take shots at Trestman, but he didn't give him a vote of confidence in any way. He mentioned that the fans, organization and players all "deserve more" but said nothing of the coaching staff in that remark.

Gould also referenced how the locker room was much more cohesive under former coach Lovie Smith.

"This honestly is not the Bear way," Gould said. "This whole season's not the Bear way. Pointing fingers, things getting out of the locker room -- that's not the Chicago Bear way. I think for me, being around the organization for 10 years, seeing guys like Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs who most likely have played or walked through the tunnel for the last time, it's tough. Because we weren't taught this way under Lovie. We weren't taught to do these sorts of things. We always stayed together, as close as we could.

"It's very difficult, because honestly this isn't the Chicago Bear way."

Gould acknowledged he's heard the speculation that Trestman and the coaching staff will likely be fired at season's end.

"You hear it," Gould said. "It's not like you can avoid the noise.

"Realistically, it's part of the game. It's how it goes. You're in the business of winning football games, and if you don't produce, you get cut. You don't win, you get fired. That's usually how it goes.

"Depending on what's going to happen at the end of the season, with a coaching change or whether the general manager stays or goes, that's above our pay grade."

Gould also confirmed that his season is over as he deals with a quad injury. He's missed the past three games.

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