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Roach Scurries Around City Council Chamber As Pest Control Boss Testifies

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A top Emanuel administration official was embarrassed Thursday when a rather large bug showed up while he was testifying at a Budget Committee hearing.

WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports Chicago Fleet and Facility Management Commissioner David Reynolds was talking to aldermen about aging equipment, when a very large roach was spotted crawling on the west wall of the City Council Chambers.

Reynolds said the timing was ironic, given pest control is part of his department's job.

"I was mortified," he said. "One of our duties is pest control. It's an old building with lots of people in it, so we very routinely do treatments for cockroaches and other pests. We often just end up chasing them around."

The department called its contractor, Rose Pest Control, which just happens to be owned by North Shore Republican Congressional candidate Robert Dold.

Did he have any comment on that?

"None whatsoever," Reynolds said.


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