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Riverside Police: Home Invasion Follows Similar Pattern To Others In Area

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An elderly man is dragged through his home and held at his disabled wife's bedside as four men ransack their west suburban home.

The terror lasted about 10 minutes. CBS 2's Steven Graves reports they may not be the only victims.

The neighborhood is so shaken up by the violent home invasion, when CBS 2 started going door-to-door asking questions, neighbors called the police.

Riverside police crowd the street asked CBS 2 for identification, a result of some distrust among residents after criminals deceived a beloved neighbor.

An elderly couple's home on Lionel Road is now a former crime scene. On Saturday afternoon, four men forced their way inside. After the 86-year-old homeowner answered the door, he was dragged on the floor by his collar.

The invaders forced him into a room with his 96-year-old bedridden wife. As they ransacked the home, police said the victim recognized one of the men.

The homeowner brought him in two months ago to do some brick work. Turns out the guy was no professional. There was no bill of sale, quote or cost estimate. A fake who police said returned months later with a crew to invoke terror.

Riverside officers said similar crimes are happening in Lansing and Justice. Police warn against ever opening up a door for a contractor you haven't called.

Investigators now using doorbell video from neighbors in this incident to piece things together.

Police are also using video from across the street. Authorities have DNA evidence and fingerprints, but no one has been caught.

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