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River North Bar Suing Condo Owners After Scaffolding Blocks Sidewalk Cafe

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The owners of a River North bar and grill have sued the condo association that shares their building, claiming renovation work on the condos is threatening to put their bar out of business.

Blue Frog's Local 22 co-owner John Reed said the Plaza 440 Private Residences Condo Association has put up scaffolding where his sidewalk seating area normally would be on Hubbard Street, near Wabash Avenue.

He said, because other sides of the building also need work requiring scaffolding, he asked the condo association to wait to begin work on the Hubbard Street side, so he could keep his sidewalk café open most of the summer.

"We know the work needs to be done. We're not disputing that. It's just you could have done it last on our side, and not impacted my business to the tune of 200-something thousand dollars," he said.


Reed said, because he's losing business while his sidewalk seating area is forced to remain closed, he's suing the condo association for the lost business.

"I don't believe in suing people for just honest, simple mistakes, but this is affecting our business, it's affecting our employees, it's affecting my family," Reed said.

Jason Hirsh, an attorney for the condo association, said he believes the bar's lawsuit will be dismissed.

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