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Republicans Fire Back On Madigan's Budget Proposal

(CBS) -- In Springfield today, accusations of a nonsensical political theater and a path to a phony budget as Republicans fired back at powerful House Speaker Mike Madigan, reports CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine.

Yesterday, Madigan proposed passing a spending plan $3 billion short of the cash to pay for it.

"If we pass these budgets and send 36 billion dollars of budgets to the governor, this is insanity. You're insane and history will look upon you unkindly," said Republican House Leader Jim Durkin.

But that's what Speaker Madigan has vowed to do: decide what to spend now and find the money later.

"I would state my willingness to talk with governor to negotiate with the governor to find the money to pay for a spending plan that is responsive to the needs of the people of the state," Madigan said yesterday.

So far, there's been no response from the governor himself, who we saw at yesterday's Lincoln National Cemetery Memorial Day observance, apparently steeling himself for his first major battle as governor.

His pep talk to Republican lawmakers in Springfield today was "hang tough,"
As they face a budget the Illinois Republican Party today described as "spending money they don't have and repeating the failures of the past."

Even Mayor Emanuel, speaking with us after the Chicago Police annual awards ceremony, conceded that Madigan's budget may not be the last word.

"There may be a budget, there may not be the final budget," Emanuel said. "Prior to any kind of issue between the governor or the legislative body I would always worry about Chicago but I do believe we're well positioned to advance our interests and get what we need done."

The mayor chooses his words carefully, because he needs legislation to broaden the state sales tax and add a Chicago casino to balance his own budget.

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