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Report: Lights From New Wrigley LED Scoreboard Negatively Affecting Opposing Bullpen

(WSCR) The new LED scoreboard in right field at Wrigley may have an added bonus for the Cubs.

Not only does the new scoreboard help keep fans and players updated on the current state of the game, the lights from the scoreboard are reportedly making it difficult for the opposing team to warm up in the visitor's bullpen.

"Warming up the pitcher in the bullpen, that new scoreboard they have, the numbers are white, and the ball is coming out of there, so it's really difficult to see," Cardinals bullpen catcher Jamie Pogue told the Chicago Tribune. "It doesn't make it a whole lot of fun for us back there trying to catch those guys.

"But it will be in (the Cubs') hands, whether they want to try to fix it to help the opposing guys out or not. I had heard the other teams that have been here complained about the same thing."

The Cubs reportedly tested the conditions when the LED board was put in place before the season, and found no reason to change the brightness. The Cardinals have not lodged a formal complaint.

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