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Reference To Female Condoms Appears In Grade School Curriculum

(CBS) -- Parents at one of the city's elite magnet schools are threatening to pull their 5th-graders out of sex education classes.

They got a sneak peak at a curriculum that includes a how-to segment about female condoms. But as CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker explains, those are lessons parents should have never seen.

A binder passed out to parents of 5th-graders at Andrew Jackson grade school included information about female condoms as part of the curriculum for the school's new sex-education classes.

The classes start next month. On Wednesday, parents got a preview of the lessons from a CPS representative.

When the school representative passed out the binder, Amy Miller got a close look at what her daughter might learn.

"To tell my 5th-grader, who's still into 'Little House on the Prairie,' that it's OK to have safe anal sex -- I'm sorry. That's just not appropriate," Miller says.

CPS officials are apologizing, saying the material on female condoms "was mistakenly downloaded and included in the parent presentation, and we agree with parents it is not appropriate for Elementary school students."

Only teachers were supposed to see the material.

CPS doesn't want to see another mistake. School officials say they're taking steps to make sure teacher resources and supplemental materials are kept separate from the curriculum.


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