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For Red Cross volunteers, "it's a privilege" to bring a bit of home to military men and women overseas

Red Cross volunteers help bring a bit of home to military serving overseas
Red Cross volunteers help bring a bit of home to military serving overseas 01:59

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Being far from home is a fact of life for many members of the U.S. military, but every day Red Cross volunteers bring a bit of home to those brave men and women.

For volunteer Undine Lasater, helping soldiers is not a sacrifice, it's a privilege.

Being far from home, even the smallest things can make a big difference - a snack that reminds you of your childhood, pals to share it with, a big smile from a friendly face.

Lasater is one of those faces, part of a group that cares for service members' emotional health and well-being in Lithuania.

"The Red Cross office is kind of like a home away from home. We are a neutral space here," she said. "At the Red Cross, they can just relax."

"Some would just come to say hello. Some would just like to share some challenges that they have living in the force, or challenges they're experiencing back home," she added. "We kind of act as their sisters, their friends, someone to listen."

The Red Cross also plans fun activities to boost morale.

"The Red Cross here does yoga classes, we have karaoke nights, we have bingo nights, we have our culture expo show nights, just to keep them positivley occupied," Lasater said.

Lastater said the service members are almost like family members to her.

"These young men and women are really giving up a lot to make sure that our country remains safe and secure. I am just very thankful for what they do for us, actually. So for me, this is not really a sacrifice to be stationed here. It's really a privilege," she said.

Lasater's husband is a retired Army major. She said there's a special place in her heart for the military.

An immigrant, she said the U.S. has given her so much, and the best way for her to give back is by helping the armed forces.

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