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Mom Enraged: Teen's New Phone Number Recycled From Escort

(CBS) -- A north suburban mom was terrified because of calls from strange men soliciting sex from her 13-year-old daughter.

It was all because her daughter's number is listed on an escort site.

How could this happen?

CBS 2's Audrina Bigos explains.

Thirteen-year-old Kylie's new phone is her only way to keep in touch with her mom when she's  serving in the National Guard.

"Something that was meant to be put in place to be for safety actually put us in harm's way," mom Monika Takahashi says.

Instead of safety, it brought solicitation.

"My daughter called me at my office and said somebody is calling and asking for 'Pebbles.'"

For two weeks, the calls and texts from strange men kept coming in.

Some have said: "Where are you? Where can I meet you? Where do you live?"

When it didn't stop, Monika started her research on Google.

She found pages and pages of ads for a woman named "Pebbles."

"Saying that she's real and she's live and she's waiting and she wants to chat now," Monika says. "She was in lingerie. She was bent over. It was just shocking."

An escort's page listed her daughter's phone number.

"They've basically been given a direct line of communication to my children," Monika says.

T-Mobile gave Kylie a recycled number. Now, the company has given her a new number, but her mom doesn't think that's enough.

She thinks the company should try to prevent the situation from happening again.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile says there's no way to vet the recycled numbers before they're given out, even to minors. Any number can be recycled in 60 days or less.


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